Newsletter created by the cadets of the 321st AAFCTD stationed at WKU. This issue includes:

  • No Shipments to Nashville as Rumors Fly
  • Queen of Hill to be Chosen Thursday as Open Post Contest Ends
  • New Staff Headed by W.J. Tichachek
  • P & M Club News
  • ASTP Leaves for OCS
  • Sergeant Baker Leaves 321st to Begin Flight Training at Jefferson Barracks
  • Lt. Collins Leaves for Maxwell Field
  • C.O. Presents Air Medal
  • Interview with Lt. George S. Updegraff Tells Personal History of Liked and Respected C.O.
  • Pass in Review
  • Browsing Through an Old Copy
  • Quite a Bombshell
  • In the Mail
  • Do You Remember
  • It Was a Beautiful Sunday Morning
  • It Will be Three Years
  • There's Never a Letter
  • Odyssey-Pocket Size
  • Pleads Not Guilty in Gum Theft Charge
  • de Blois, Frank. Sgt. Joe Louis to Visit Overseas Posts to Give Boxing Shogs, WD Announces
  • Westerners Donate "Claudia" Fund to Squadron Fund
  • Soldier of the Week
  • Five Roses Favored as Cagers Resume Play
  • Photo in YANK Results in Mail Barrage for Vivacious WAC, Virginia Kilgore
  • Squadron News
  • Promotions Awarded Three of Our Permanent Party
  • Student Officer Corner


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