Phi Mu


Phi Mu Sorority top row l to r: Elizabeth Marshall, Jennifer Osborne, Suzanne Berger, Misty Calta, Kim Farr, Amy Goodwin, Mandy Batts, Deanna Murphy, Darby Gyscek, Cara Ludden, Shelly Balbach, Christie Sell. 2nd row l to r: Shanda Hamilton, Amy Flowers, Brittney Williams, Carrie Arnett, Carrie Bogart, Christina Cahill, Stacey Moore, Jennifer O'Bryan, Pam Raper, Alicia Taylor. 3rd row l to r: Amy Ballou, Kara Greenwell, Jennifer Keiber, Sheila Taulbee, Stacey Neddo, Erin Boswell, Kristie Broaddus, Beth Chambers, Tia Ferraro, Cynthia Floore. 4th row l to r: Melissa Lager, Summer Patterson, Sara Tackett, Melissa WIllis, Jenny Schroeder, Olivia Vincent, Katie Felts, Ann Maloney, Melanie Williams, Shelly Faulk. 5th row l to r: Kim Dearner, Wendi Newman, Jamie Howell, Heather Drake, Jamie Lacer, Anne Waddle, Tracie Wietrzymski, Andria Brooks, Grace Duff, Poppy Farran, Ellen Harris, Shallen Hastings, Cynthia Mohr, Sarah Ramsey. 6th row l to r: Denise Ray, Ashley Rogers, Leolie Scheidler, Anna Smith, Carrie Yuda, Lorie Dolwick, Temple Jackson, Lisa Kahre, Carrie Phillips, Sarah Ames, Jennifer Kearns, Michele Noe, Susanne Jeffiers.


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