Originally published in The Student Researcher: A Phi Alpha Theta Publication Volume 1


This is an exploratory research project on Omani women’s roles changing in the household. To start off, tradition will be defined by the definition I followed throughout my paper. Following that, I will explore what is women’s traditional role within the household. Next, information will be presented that will discuss major steps women have taken in education, employment, and gaining skills for the workplace. These points will be followed up with statistics and an explanation of each table. These tables examine the data of women’s education, freedom, encouragement to work, and overall skills they are gaining. You will read about workshops that the government and world are sponsoring in order to bring forth women in the workplace in Oman. While researching, I did keep in mind counter arguments, which will be addressed as well. In conclusion, I have found more employed women than what I originally thought and they also dominate certain job fields. Additionally, moving forward, I will discuss how to encourage women to work more with providing accessible daycares.


History | Islamic World and Near East History | Labor History | Women's History

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