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The present state of development of the physical and the biological sciences is the result of man's efforts to understand the nature of his environment and its multitude of con^lex changes. BapM progress in these specialized fields of knowledge constitutes the single aost iisportant factor contributing to the increasing ooraplesity of modern society. The teachers of science in our public schools will necessarily have to supply amjeh of the inforsmtion aad Instruction. In order to teach the sciences successfully the science teacher mist be well-qualified in general knowledge of the science field. Much of the material in this investigation was used in a report on "The Qualifications of Kentucky Science Teachers" to the Kentucky Academy of Science, April 25, l947 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Reason for the study.- Science teachers of our schools should be the leaders In developing an interest and knowledge in a scientific age. Very little investigation has been made of the status of our seienoe teachers. The purpose of this investigation is to call attention to the need for better qualified science teachers in our schools. One need but consider the facts as presented in tabular fora In this study to realise the problems facing our schools in providing adequate science instruction. Statezaant of problem.- This study presents the status of the educational qualifications of Kentucky science teachers tdth the following correlated aims: 1. To determine the number of science teachers in the state and the number of schools offering the different sciences. 2. To reveal the salaries of Kentucky science teachers. 3. To present in tabular form the mmfoer of science teachers and their actual educational qualifications for the teaching of such sciences as biology, chemistry, physics, and general science.



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