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Department of Counseling and Student Affairs

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Education Specialist


The purpose of the study was to investigate the relative effectiveness of individual test interpretations upon increased self-understanding of special abilities as measured by the General Aptitude Test Battery. A procedure was developed to improve use of aptitude tests with tenth grade students. Group and individual guidance activities were provided which were designed: (1) to orient students to testtaking, (2) to facilitate recall of the test experience, (3) to assist students in understanding the purpose for which the test was given, (4) to describe the students' performance in meaningful terms, (5) to obtain the students' reactions, and (6) to help students relate the information to future goals. Objectives of the Study: 1. Try out and evaluate the effectiveness of a procedure or treatment for improving use and interpretation of aptitude tests. 2. Evaluate use of self-estimates and test-estimates as a means of increasing self-understanding of abilities. 3. Establish a procedure that could be used by other schools and with other instruments.



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