Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Dr. Todd Willian (Director), Mr. Roger Dennis, Dr. Elmer Gray, Dr. Becky Filfillen

Degree Program

Department of Agriculture

Degree Type

Master of Science


The purpose of this thesis is to design a landscape plan for Teaching Gardens at the Western Kentucky University Agriculture Research and Education Center. The landscape plans were selected based upon the available 5.3 acres surrounding the greenhouse, vineyard, and Exposition Center. Planning included goals and objectives, analysis of the available site, landscape design plans, and connecting the Teaching Gardens to the current curriculum. This thesis also includes related areas to the development of Teaching Gardens such as: summary of courses with related topics to Teaching Gardens, programs that will be used throughout the community, and a listing of current and estimated future costs/expenses plus funding avenues to support this endeavor.
The implementation of the Gardens in this thesis has created an area of learning for the Agriculture Department, university, and local community. The Teaching Gardens are an extension of the classroom learning experience, which provide research opportunities, harvest/care information, and promote healthy nutrition. The Teaching Gardens provide a naturally beautiful atmosphere for the enjoyment of students, faculty and staff, and the local community.


Agriculture | Horticulture