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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Hemali Rathnayake (Director), Chad Snyder, Bangbo Yan

Degree Program

Department of Chemistry

Degree Type

Master of Science


Organic semiconductors functionalized nanostructures are becoming as promising materials for electronic device applications including organic photovoltaics (OPVs). Perylenediimide (PDI) derivatives have also been known as one of the best n-type organic semiconductors. PDI derivatives can form bulk materials, which are both photochemically and thermally stable and have been widely used in various optoelectronic devices. Due to the formation of high electron mobility of crystalline domains, they prefer to incorporate into a silsesquioxane network. Here, we describe the potential applicability of perylenediimide functionalized silsesquioxane nanoribbons (PDI-dimethyl nanoribbons) as an acceptor for optoelectronic devices. We have developed synthetic procedures to make the PDI-dimethyl nanoribbons by the substitution reaction and the modified Stöber method. The PDI-dimethylethoxy silane precursor was produced in high yield by substituting 3-aminopropyldimethylethoxysilane on perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylicdianhydride as side chains. The optically active PDI-dimethyl nanoribbons were then formed upon hydrolysis with the certain concentration of ammonium hydroxide as a base. These nanoribbons were characterized using transmission electron microscopy (TEM), elemental analysis, and polarized optical microscopy. The photophysical properties in solution phase were also studied. The synthesis procedure developed here will have a great promise in large-scale manufacturing. Different shapes of PDI-dimethyl nanostructures, such as nanorods, nanochains, and nanoparticles, were discovered while varying the base concentrations. Also the morphologies of these PDI nanostructures were studied using TEM. Future studies will focus on optimizing procedures of PDI-dimethyl nanostructures and exploring new derivatives like perylenediimide dimer functionalized silsesquioxane polymers.


Analytical Chemistry | Environmental Chemistry | Inorganic Chemistry | Organic Chemistry