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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Daniel Jackson (Director), Ahmed Khalafallah, Mark Doggett

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Department of Architectural and Manufacturing Sciences

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Master of Science


This study examined the positive perceived impacts of cellular phones in the Nigerian society.The purpose of the study was to analyze the impacts of this technology in Nigerian society These impacts analyses were on the perceived changes in safety and well-being amongst users, satisfactions amongst users, and perceived connectivity amongst users of this technology. The researcher used employed facilitators to distribute survey in several cities in Nigeria. One Hundred and twenty-four people participated in survey questionnaires using five scale points. Results were summarized using descriptive statistics at 95% confidence interval level. From the results, the hypothese were retained that underserved customers outnumbered overserved customers in the Nigerians cellular phone usage, cellular phone usage has had some impact on the perceived safety and wellbeing of its users. In addition, the hypothesis also showed cellular phone usage has increased the perceived connectivity between the user and family.


Communication | Communication Technology and New Media | Critical and Cultural Studies | Growth and Development