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CBM Written Expression Reliability, Special Education, Teaching, Education

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Department of Psychology

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Specialist in Education


The use of Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) in schools continues to increase, as it is a useful brief assessment of students’ basic academic skills. CBM measures are used for multiple tasks such as identifying students at-risk, creating local norms, monitoring students’ progress during interventions, and assisting with special education eligibility determinations. Much of the research has focused on CBM in the areas of math and reading. Relatively few studies have examined the area of CBMWritten Expression. Even fewer studies exist exploring the reliability among alternate writing forms. This study determined alternate form reliability coefficients for written expression probes at the second, fourth, sixth, and eighth grade levels using productiondependent, production-independent, and accurate-production scoring methods. When all grade levels are combined, alternate forms reliability coefficients are at a sufficiently high level. However, some scoring methods resulted in much higher correlations at younger grade levels than older grade levels. In general, the correlations were lower at the eighth grade level. Implications of the results for school personnel are discussed.


Cognition and Perception | Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Special Education and Teaching