Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Alton Little

Degree Program

Department of Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport

Degree Type

Master of Science


The City of Radcliff is presently without a Recreational Department and without local recreational planning. Therefore, it was desirable to establish a plan for the development of recreation in the city – a Recreational Master Plan. The master plan is divided into four areas: Organization and Administration of Recreation; Financing of Recreation; Facilities of Recreation; and Programming of Recreation. The standards set by the National Recreation and Park Association, NRPA, was the basis for evaluation of these areas.

It was found that Radcliff’s organizational chart needed to be reconstructed to include a recreation director, recreation department, and preferably an advisory council made up of representatives from different ethnic, social, and age groups.

Radcliff is without a recreation budget but money is allocated throughout the cities’ budget and this was compared to the standards set by NRPA. For a city of 11,000, it was concluded Radcliff needs an additional $21,995.00. Recommendations were made on how to produce this money.

Radcliff was also without the majority of facilities required by NRPA standars to support a population of 11,000 persons. The most emphasized recommendations were to build a community center and swimming pool.

Survey results reveal that to provide adequate programming the city is in need of professional recreational help, a recreation director, to develop, provide and improve programming for the city.

Although the master plan was, in actuality divided into four areas of organization and administration, financing, facilities and programming, each is dependent upon the other in order to be effective. Radcliff’s program would be greatly enhanced by hiring a director, building a community center, a swimming pool, and by searching out the revenue resources available for financing a recreational program.


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