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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Donald Ritter

Degree Program

School of Teacher Education

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Elementary Education Specialist in Curriculum & Instruction


The writer proposes the utilization of a developmentally based outdoor curriculum and playground designed for young children. The curriculum consists of an overview, objectives, curriculum methodology, playground designs and evaluation. Cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains are each included in the objectives. A curriculum methodology focusing upon approaches for individualization and development of the total child is presented. The playground designs are based upon current research. Play value, development appropriateness and safety were considered in developing playground designs and curriculum. Evaluation of the curriculum and playground will be measured through assessments of the individual child, the class, and the staff. Numerous approaches to evaluation are described.

This project is intended to assist preschool teachers in establishing and maintaining a program based on current research and literature. Ideas to assist other preschools in adaptation are presented. Included in the ideas are steps in developing a curriculum and playground design as well as a suggested approach to training parents and staff in the rationale and appropriate use of the curriculum.


Curriculum and Instruction | Elementary Education and Teaching | Pre-Elementary, Early Childhood, Kindergarten Teacher Education | Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration | Sports Studies