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Dr. Betsy Schoenfelt (Director),Dr. Reagan Brown, Dr. Jacqueline Pope-Tarrence


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Department of Psychology

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Master of Arts


The current study is a significant portion of a content validation study conducted to evaluate new selection tools developed by an organization. In it I assessed the content validity of a structured interview through the following steps: conducting a literature review to establish best practices, reviewing the data gathering process, conducting data analyses, recommending item weights, evaluating the validity of the interview, suggesting standardized materials, creating a plan for training for interview use, and ensuring documentation is kept as required by law.

The data were collected internally by the organization and were provided for analyses. Analyses included one-way ANOVAs, and the calculation of r*wg for the Subject Matter Expert (SME) importance ratings. Results indicated that the SME ratings exhibited acceptable interrater agreement and that all competencies were important. Therefore, the interview based on these ratings has acceptable content validity. Recommendations were provided to the organization regarding possible alternatives and the impact that the decisions made would have on the resulting validity.


Industrial and Organizational Psychology | Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences