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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Dr. Kevin Williams (Director), Dr. Cathleen J. Webb, Dr. Lester Pesterfield

Degree Program

Department of Chemistry

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Master of Science


Water soluble platinum complexes are a recent area of emphasis of cisplatin chemistry. The water soluble complexes could have a reduced toxicity compared with cisplatin. Oxaliplatin, which has an oxalate leaving group, has previously been shown to have less nephro-toxicity and higher water solubility than cisplatin. [Pt(en)(oxalate)] (en = ethylenediamine) has been prepared from Pt(en)Cl2 and silver oxalate. This complex has been reacted with methionine and N-acetylmethionine at different molar ratios. At high Pt: methionine ratios, chelates with the sulfur and nitrogen atoms of the methionine are dominant; at lower Pt: methionine ratios, a bis-methionine product is formed. The en ligand is displaced by methionine but not N-acetylmethionine.


Cancer Biology | Inorganic Chemistry | Medicinal-Pharmaceutical Chemistry