Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Dr. Reagan Brown (Director), Dr. Elizabeth Shoenfelt, Dr. Tony Paquin

Degree Program

Department of Psychology

Degree Type

Master of Arts


This study focuses on how the presence or absence of an overall rating item on a performance evaluation form affects levels of halo error and satisfaction with the form. Participants included undergraduate college students who were randomly assigned to groups receiving a form with or without an overall rating item at the beginning of the form. A satisfaction item was included on both forms. The analyses included a z-test for correlations from independent samples to determine the difference between the two evaluation forms and a t-test to determine the difference between the satisfaction scores of the two forms. The analyses indicated that the differences between the groups were not significant for levels of halo error or satisfaction.


Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Human Resources Management | Personality and Social Contexts | Psychology