Jill Kay Costin

Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Janes D. Dunn, R.A. Baum, S.O. Gibbs

Degree Program

Department of Public Health

Degree Type

Master of Science


Persons in the Nutrition for the Elderly program in Barren River Area Development District in Kentucky and personal care residents at Lakeview Nursing Home, Morgantown, Kentucky, and Glasgow Rest Home, Glasgow, Kentucky participated I this study on a voluntary basis. The population consisted of an intact sample of sixty-eight persons: forty-six personal care residents (PC residents) and twenty-two Nutrition for the Elderly participants (NE participants). The Ne participants and Pc residents were compared to determine which received the best nutritional care. Selected parameters of nutritional assessment were compared for the two groups be means of a t test. The groups were considered to be significantly different at the 0.5 level.

The PC residents were found to have significantly higher intakes of energy, calcium, iron, vitamin A, and riboflavin. The NE participants were found to have a significantly higher percent intake of protein. The mean weight of the NE participants was significantly higher than the PC residents. However, the PC residents were found to have a significantly higher mean kcaloric intake. PC residents had a higher mean intake of niacin, vitamin C, and percent intake of fat than the NE participants, but not significantly higher. The NE participants had a slightly higher percent intake of carbohydrate, than the PC residents. However, the difference was not significant. Overall, the findings demonstrate that the PC residents had a higher nutritional intake than the NE participants.


Geriatrics | Nutrition | Public Health