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Dr. Lee Francis

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Department of Educational Administration, Leadership and Research

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Master of Arts


The Bowling Green College of Commerce is a division of the Bowling Green Business University, a privately owned and controlled institution which has been located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, since its removal there in 1884 from Glasgow, Kentucky. Until 1906 the Southern Normal School was associated with the Business University under the same management, but in that year the Normal School was made a state institution, the Western Kentucky State Normal School, and the Business University continued under private management.

In 1922 the Bowling Green College of Commerce was organized with an independent state charter as a division of the Bowling Green Business University. The College of Commerce was immediately accredited as a junior college. During the next four years the curriculum was broadened and standards were raised until in May 1926, the Bowling Green College of Commerce received accreditment as a regular four-year standard college in the field of business, the first privately owned business college in America to achieve that distinction.

It was with the above facts in mind that the writer decided to make a follow-up study of the teacher-training graduates of the Bowling Green College of Commerce for the five-year period 1937-1941. It was hoped that such a study would give a picture of the activities and experiences of these graduates in such a way as to indicate the effectiveness with which they had been trained for the work they are doing. Especially was it hoped that the information gained from this study would enable the Bowling Green College of Commerce to recognize any needed changes of emphasis in the preparation of its commercial teachers.


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