Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Dr. H. Phillip Constans, Jr., Dr. Carl W. Kreisler, Dr. Robert Schrader


Formerly School Administration

Degree Program

Department of Educational Administration, Leadership and Research

Degree Type

Education Specialist


The purpose of this project was to investigate the effect of studying higher-level thinking skills on fifth grade students with high language ability. The researcher compared the test scores of students in an elementary enrichment program with test scores of students enrolled in the same program the following year to which materials emphasizing higher-level thinking skills were added. The researcher also included analysis of student performance on the Ross Test of Higher Cognitive Processes and its component parts of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation as well as each of the eight subtests.

It was determined that analysis of Ross Test raw scores and percentile data would be made by the Wilcoxon Matched Pairs Signed Ranks Tests.

Comparisons of the raw score results revealed gains in favor of the posttest for each set pf data. The results favoring the posttest are not considered statistically significant and are attributed to the increase in cognitive development inherent in chronological aging.

There is no discernible pattern in the areas of significance on the section percentile scores.

This researcher has determined that the study of higher-level thinking skills does not have a significant effect on fifth grade students. The comparisons of test data did not yield results favoring the addition of selected thinking skills materials to a language arts enrichment program.


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