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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Ronald Adams, Carl Martray, John O’Connor

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Department of Psychology

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Master of Arts


The purpose of this study was to reconsider the five factor structure of the Teach Concern Checklist (TCC) currently being utilized by the teacher Preparation Evaluation Program (TPEP) at Western Kentucky University. The problem was to replicate the three factor solution of the TCC proposed by George (1978) and to further explore the progression of teacher concerns with experience to lend support to the self-task-impact concern theory proposed by Fuller (1969)

Two hundred and sixty-five pre-service and in-service teacher participating in TPRP completed the TCC. These teachers represented the different experience levels of student. First, third and fifth year of teaching.

Factor analysis technique revealed three concern factors similar to those of Fuller and George. Three additional factors also emerged that remained consistent with Fuller’s concern theory, however, they distinct from those reported by George (1978). Two self concern factor, one representing evaluation by peers and supervisors and the second representing evaluation by pupils, emerged in contrast to the one self concern factor identified by George. Two task factors also emerged, one involving instructional task concerns (similar to George) and one involving classroom discipline. Impact concerns were also represented by two separate factors, one involving academic impact and the second environmental impact concerns.

The analysis of variance procedures supported the teacher concerns theory of a progression from most to least concern for self concerns; however, evidence strong enough to support the progression theory was not produced for the task and impact factors. Teachers of all experience levels were found to share a similar magnitude of concern for the task and impact factors.


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