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L.Y. Lancaster M.C. Ford, C.P. McNally, Finley Grise

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Department of Biology

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Master of Arts


Extensive surveys of the ichthyological fauna have been made for states bordering Kentucky. An investigation of the literature pertaining to the ichthyology of Kentucky discloses the fact that no detailed investigation has been made of fish life in this state, especially western Kentucky. No record is available of any survey having been made in the section known as the Mammoth Cave Region.

The purpose of this survey was to make a species and ecological study of the fishes of the Mammoth Cave Region. Extensive opportunity for ecological studies exists in this region, but only the most important factors were included in this study. A study was made of the species distribution as affected by altitude; the type of water, i.e., whether the water was a river, a lake, a pond, or a sink; and the type of current, i.e., whether a rapidly moving stream, a stream of moderate movement, a still but clear body of water, or stagnant water. Most of the large lakes are of the clear type, while the ponds are of the stagnant type. As the region is naturally divided by Green River into two regions of different geological formations, a study of the species distribution both north and south of the river was made.


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jackson-john-sterling-map.jpg (7083 kB)
Map Showing Collecting Points of Fishes in the Mammoth Cave Region

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