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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Dwight Cline, Robert Prickett, L.N. Restine

Degree Program

Educational Leadership

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Education Specialist Degree


During the Kentucky Association of School Administrators Conference, July 1990, principals from across Kentucky were surveyed by a questionnaire to determine their perceptions and preparedness to assume their role under the newly mandated law, House Bill 940, specifically school-based management.

It was the assumption of the researcher that principals across Kentucky have very little background or training in the use of group processes and strategies needed to make school-based management a successful part of Kentucky’s educational process

Based on a statistical analysis of the collected data the research would appear to support the researcher’s assumption. Principals indicated a need for staff development in the area of group processes and organizational strategies. They also indicated a basic knowledge of the concept of school based-management but were uncertain about the processes to achieve effective school-based management with school councils.


Education | Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration