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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Emmett Burkeen, Seth Farley, Carl Kreisler


Mr. Crume is deceased.

Degree Program

Educational Leadership

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Education Specialist Degree


This study presents the results of a comparison of traditional grass-twist backstops frequently used on indoor ranges with one of corrugated cardboard design. The findings indicate that the corrugated cardboard design is substantially superior.

The four factors selected for testing were:

  1. Arrow pass-through levels and subsequent arrow repair costs
  2. Arrow penetration levels, tested over several distances and using several bow weights
  3. Arrow-stopping potential with beginning and inexperienced archers
  4. Storage

Testing showed the first three factors supporting the corrugated cardboard design. The last factor, storage, was found to be about equally supportive of both designs.

Several recommendations are made. These recommendations include the adoption of the corrugated cardboard backstop design for use on indoor ranges and the use of shorter distances in the instruction of beginning and inexperienced archery students.


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