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Mike Richardson, Robert Schrader, Dwight Cline


The WKU Archives and the WKU University Libraries copies of this theses are missing pages 157 through 201.

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Educational Leadership

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Educational Specialist


Relying upon many years of experience as an early childhood educator and consultant, and utilizing examples of programs and forms during the past thirteen years while serving as the Director of Peace Lutheran Preschool/Kindergarten in Owensboro, Kentucky, and as a regional/national early childhood consultant. The author has proposed a manuscript whose purpose is to assist early childhood professionals in the development and implementation of quality, needs-appropriate preschool programs.

The eleven chapters are divided into seven areas of concern: program survey, development, purpose, regulation requirements, administration, financing, enrollment, curriculum and day-care. (Within each area are varied appropriate methods of implementation relating to specific outcomes of each desired program.) Curriculum is discussed with emphasis given to programs which are both age and developmentally appropriate for the early childhood area. Day-care materials are discussed in detail in the final chapter, although there are references throughout the manuscript that help explain overlaps in the two types of programs.

Since the entire manuscript is based on experiences of the author and was developed from working programs, materials are of a research basis, but they have also been used and tested. Therefore it will be useful to professionals in their existing or planned programs.

The author hopes the experiences within this manuscript prove invaluable to the novice in developing and implementing quality early childhood programs. This manuscript’s purpose is to assist those who dedicate their lives to meeting these needs of the young by providing a working guide for early childhood program development.


Education | Educational Administration and Supervision | Leadership Studies | Other Educational Administration and Supervision | Pre-Elementary, Early Childhood, Kindergarten Teacher Education