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Tate Page, Earl Moore

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School of Teacher Education

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Master of Arts


For some years now the need for the emphasis of moral and spiritual values in our public schools has been recognized by the Kentucky Department of Education. The department has given encouragement to numerous research projects and summer workshops held for the purpose of finding an answer to the problem of emphasizing moral and spiritual values in public education. The concern for this need has informally become known as the “Kentucky Movement.”

This study was not undertaken with the thought of introducing new programs in our high schools. The teaching of moral and spiritual values should be done through the curriculum and the school activities as they now exist. If the English teacher is sensitive to life-values and endorses the excellent position of the Second Workshop on Moral and Spiritual Values in Education held at the University of Kentucky in 1950 on his subject, he will have a wonderful time working out lesson-plans slanted toward bringing out those values. It is up to the teacher to work out, according to his own teaching field, the procedure he will use. Basic help can be received in workshops and other study groups where evaluations of success and failure in like situations take place, but still, the teacher must depend on his own individual ability.


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