Denis O. Kiely

Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Carl Kell, Burt Feintuch, Jay Anderson


Thesis written for Modern Languages & Intercultural Studies which no longer exists.

Degree Program

Department of Folk Studies and Anthropology

Degree Type

Master of Arts


The production and marketing of baskets in the Mammoth Cave area of Kentucky from 1880 to the present is observed in light of the cultural, technical, aesthetic, ad traditional aspects involved. The process of making a white oak ribbed basket is documented, as well as the technical and aesthetic variables from which the basket maker renders his product. The changing role of social organization and communication in the production and marketing of a traditional craft objects is also considered.


Anthropology | Art and Design | Business | Fiber, Textile, and Weaving Arts | Folklore | Marketing | Social and Behavioral Sciences

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