James Kintigh

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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

James Parks, Curtis Wilkins, Earl Pearson

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Department of Chemistry

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Master of Science


A nitrogen laser was constructed for use in multiphoton ionization studies. The short pulse duration and highly intense pulse make the nitrogen laser ideal for pumping a dye laser.

By using the nitrogen laser to pump a tunable dye laser, the multiphoton ionization spectrum for molecular iodine vapor was obtained for the visible spectrum between 23,188 cm-1 (430 nm) and 16, 304 cm-1 (615 nm) using pulsed electronics and a parallel plate ionization chamber. The ionization occurs in this region upon the absorption of four or five photons. The ionization appears to take place via a three-step process. The first photon excites the molecule to a resonant state which is one of the vibrational states of B3πo+u level. From this level, two photons are absorbed to a higher resonant level, and then ionization takes place when that higher excited state absorbs the one or two photons necessary for ionization.



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Chemistry Commons