Laura Pace

Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

James Davis, Wayne Hoffman, Mark Lowry

Degree Program

Department of Geography and Geology

Degree Type

Master of Science


The need for improved highway facilities in the east urban area of Daviess County, Kentucky, is analyzed in this study. The study focuses upon the need for alternative highway routes, due to the increased travel demands generated by a new Ohio River Bridge in eastern Daviess County. Also, the east urban area is forecasted to experience population and employment growth in the next decade, further necessitating the need for improving existing highways or constructing new corridors in the area.

Various alternative alignments for an expressway are examined. The feasibility of upgrading existing highways in the east urban area is also analyzed. The study utilizes numerous transportation planning techniques, including the development of traffic projections, highway capacity analysis, cost estimates and land use and environmental impacts. The study includes original research and data collection in analyzing five alternatives. An alternative for constructing a new expressway in the east urban area of Daviess County is recommended.


Geography | Human Geography | Social and Behavioral Sciences