Harod Patton

Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Lee Jones, Gordon Wilson, Finley Grise

Degree Program

School of Teacher Education

Degree Type

Master of Arts


Much has been written concerning the kind of training a high-school teacher should have, but very little has been written concerning the training they have in relation to what they teach. Not very much is known concerning the actual facts of the condition existing at the present in the high schools in the state of Kentucky. The purpose of this study is to find these facts as they are and on this basis to determine the relationship that exists between the major and minor subjects and administrators from the Western Kentucky State Teachers College; and the subject they teach. Also, there is an attempt in this study to show the number of teachers and administrators in Kentucky from this college who are qualified to teach in the high schools. Another main purpose of this study is to show the need of the cooperation of the state department of education and the teachers’ training colleges with the administrators and other members of the educational system of the state influential in the selection of the high-school teachers of the state.

The relationship between preparation and subjects taught is to be shown by (1) the number of semester hours the teachers have had in college in their major and minor subjects, and by (2) the number of hours they have in the field or subject in which they are teaching.


Education | Secondary Education and Teaching | Teacher Education and Professional Development