Theo Vickers

Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Emmett Burkeen, Faye Robinson, Eugene Harryman


Original department was Counselor Education.

Degree Program

Department of Counseling and Student Affairs

Degree Type

Education Specialist


The results of a needs assessment and a review of other career education programs, administered by a federally funded career education project in Region 3, Kentucky, indicated that one of the requirements for developing a successful occupational program was to produce sequential career education curriculum materials for all students in the region, kindergarten through post-secondary.

The process by which Region 3’s Project Green River Opportunities for Work (GROW) career education leaders defined the scope and sequence of the materials and determined the materials’ design into a matrix format were described. Also included was a summary of the research, production, and dissemination of the work of a select Matrix Development Committee, which was responsible for meeting the regional curriculum need by producing the comprehensive career education materials.

A description of the final product of the career education project, a kit entitled Learning Concepts in Career Development, suggestions for its use, and recommendations for its improvement, were detailed.


Counseling | Counselor Education | Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Educational Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences