JoAnn Walker

Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Emmett Burkeen, Stephen Schnacke, Gene Farley

Degree Program

Department of Counseling and Student Affairs

Degree Type

Educational Specialist


This project is a study of the role and functions of the elementary school guidance counselor in the laboratory schools of universities in the United States. It was intended to gain data on the status of the role at the present, functions performed by the counselors in these schools, and information which could be used as a basis for projection of the future role of the elementary school counselor. The laboratory schools were surveyed, the data compiled and an analysis was made. The results were not as future oriented as was expected from the population studied. Techniques and functions were not innovative and the number of counselors were fewer than the national growth of this field would cause one to expect in this population. Implications for additional research have been identified in this project.


Counseling | Counselor Education | Education | Educational Administration and Supervision | Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration | Elementary Education | Higher Education | Social and Behavioral Sciences