Robert Ashby

Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Lee Jones, N.O. Taff, Finley Grise

Degree Program

School of Teacher Education

Degree Type

Master of Arts


The major reason for this survey was to secure definite facts and opinions from superintendents, principals and teachers in elementary and secondary schools on the subject of handwriting. The information gathered gives conclusive evidence that these groups recognize the need for more and better training in this fundamental subject.

The aim of the writer was to determine:

  1. The extent to which outlined courses of study in handwriting are followed.
  2. The number of special instructors in handwriting, whether part- or full-time and other subjects they teach.
  3. Whether handwriting is taught incidentally with other subjects with no formal lessons, or as a separate subject with specific training in handwriting.
  4. The number of teachers with special training in handwriting.
  5. The number of teachers qualified by teacher’s handwriting certificates.
  6. The certification of handwriting teachers from Western Kentucky State Teachers College.
  7. The number of teachers holding student certificates in handwriting.
  8. The methods of handwriting taught in both the elementary and secondary grades.
  9. The number of handwriting supervisors, whether part- or full-time, and other subjects handled.
  10. The time devoted to handwriting in years, weeks, days per week, and the length of class period in both elementary and secondary levels.
  11. The number of units given for handwriting in high school toward graduation.
  12. The requirement for handwriting in high schools.
  13. Handwriting facilities – Manuals, scales, charts, alphabetic wall strips, and blackboard instruction.
  14. General information – The number of years that handwriting has been established in Kentucky schools; if handwriting will be taught during the year 1936-1937; and if school officials think handwriting should have a definite place in the curriculum as a fundamental subject.


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