Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Dr. Elizabeth Shoenfelt, Dr. Reagan Brown, Dr. Steven Haggbloom

Degree Program

Department of Psychology

Degree Type

Master of Arts


The present study attempted to identify common and unique characteristics of faculty performance appraisal formats and procedures by analyzing characteristics of formats and procedures from the psychology departments of 28 universities, including Kentucky Council on Post-secondary Education (CPE) benchmark schools for Western Kentucky University as well as schools that have Industrial/Organizational psychology master’s degree programs. It was hypothesized that schools with Industrial/-Organizational Psychology programs would have better formats as defined by eight legal factors. However, this hypothesis was not supported. The hypothesis that graphic rating scales would be the most common method for collecting appraisal data was supported. It was determined that the performance appraisal system used at Western Kentucky University is very similar to systems used at the CPE benchmark schools that participated in this study.


Industrial and Organizational Psychology | Psychology