Gregory Colwell

Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Wayne Higgins, Robert Baum, Richard Wilson


This thesis was submitted to the department of Health & Safety when it was part of Ogden College of Industry, Technology & Health.

Degree Program

Department of Public Health

Degree Type

Master of Science


The purpose of the study was to quantify the relationship between adolescent smoking and economic dependence on the tobacco crop. A survey of 1322 students from a random sample of all secondary schools in four counties in southeastern Kentucky was performed. The survey gathered information concerning smoking behavior and social variables. Chi-square analysis was performed to assess the relationships between these variables in students from families who worked with tobacco and families who did not.

Chi square analysis of female adolescent smoking behavior revealed a significant association between the instances of adolescent smoking and age, friend smoking status and sibling smoking status in both families who grew or worked with tobacco and families who did not. The only difference noted between the groups was in females from non-tobacco growing families whose smoking behavior was also significantly associated with mother smoking behavior.

Assessment of males demonstrated no differences between those from tobacco growing families and those from non-tobacco families. In both groups smoking was significantly associated with age, friend smoking status and sibling smoking status.


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