Clifton Cook

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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Lee Jones, Finley Grise

Degree Program

School of Teacher Education

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Master of Arts


The urgent need for tapping new reserves of manpower during the recent war emergency caused new stress to be put upon the rehabilitation of handicapped individuals. Employers were more willing than ever before to give the handicapped person a chance to prove that he could produce in competition with those who were physically whole. These two factors combined to bring about an increase in the staff personnel in Kentucky in such a short period of time that it was impossible to revise the organization of this division of the State Department of Education rapidly enough to keep pace with its expansion. The present administrative and supervisory organization was worked out rapidly and set to work as more or less of an experimental organization. Now that the present organization has been tried and time enough has elapsed for those in charge to locate its weaknesses discovered. Since the writer is employed as a district supervisor under the present organization and is in a position to recognize many of these weaknesses from the standpoint of the worker out in the field, Mr. W. Hickman Baldree, the present director of Vocational Rehabilitation in Kentucky, has agreed to this study in order that the new organization may reflect the views of the man who does the case work as well as those of the supervisory and administrative staff of the state office.


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