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James Craig, Leroy Metze, Retta Poe

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Department of Psychology

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Master of Arts


The literature cited points to an increase in sexual permissiveness among females which may be a function of their need for approval. It was hypothesized that there is a relationship between need for approval and sexual liberalism. In addition, several other aspects of female sexual attitudes and their relationship to need for approval were examined in the present study. Specifically, need for approval was hypothesized to be related to sexual satisfaction, sexual libido (drive), and sexual prudishness.

In order to establish the relationship between need for approval and aspects of female sexuality the effects of religiosity must be considered. Previous studies cited in the literature indicate that religiosity is an important covariate in relation to sexual attitudes and behaviors (Cardwell, 1969; Deadman, 1959; Heltsley & Broderick, 1969; Kinsey, 1953). Therefore, the above hypotheses were investigated statistically controlling for the effects of religiosity.


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences

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