Susan Grimm

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D.A. Shiek, L.E. Layne, R.E. Poe

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Department of Psychology

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Master of Arts


The relationship between levels of self-acceptance and acceptance of others and the liberality of attitudes toward the roles of women were studied in a highly restricted sample of 110 women teachers persuing graduate course work at Western Kentucky University. An analysis of variance indicated no significant differences in te liberality of attitudes in women with high and low levels of either self-acceptance or acceptance of others or in the interaction of the two independent variables. Since some assumptions underlying the analysis of variances procedure were not met and a trend appeared present in the results, a post hoc analysis of the data was performed. This analysis consisted of a step wise multiple regression and indicated that a small but significant proportion of the cariance in attitudes toward the roles of women was related to the independent variables. Level of acceptance of others uniquely accounted for a significant proportion of variance in these attitudes while level of self-acceptance uniquely accounted for a small and non-significant proportion of variance in liberality of attitudes toward he roles of women. The limitations of generalizing these results to larger and more varied populations were discussed in light or present criticism of sex role research.


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Psychology Commons