Linda Ray

Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Imogene Simpson, Vera Guthrie, Jefferson Caskey


Original department was Library Science.

Degree Program

Department of Educational Administration, Leadership and Research

Degree Type

Master of Science


In order to establish specific procedures for processing, cataloging and classifying the art print collection at the Kentucky Library, Western Kentucky University, data were gathered from three sources. These were: (1) information on current procedures used in the Kentucky Library, obtained through an interview with Riley Handy, the Kentucky Librarian (2) a search of related literature and (3) a questionnaire survey of other institution having art print collections.

It was found that historically valuable art prints, which are used primarily as documentary resources, need to be carefully processed and stored so as to preserve and protect them from damaging effects of light, temperature change, humidity and dust. Effective preservation techniques include: (1) controlling the light, temperature and humidity in the building through installation of modern air conditioning units, electronic air filters and artificial light filters; (2) making photographs of the art prints so that the copies rather the original prints can be used by the patrons; (3) placing the prints in all-rag paper or Mylar plastic folders which are then stored flat in dustproof acid free paper boxes or steel map cases; and (4) having damaged prints restored only by professional prints conservationists who use reversible restoration techniques.

In regard to cataloging, it was found that historically valuable prints should be individually cataloged and should be organized in either a classified system or in numerical arrangement. Although no central reporting agency exists for disseminating information about art prints, the findings indicate the advisability of each institution publicizing its own art print holdings.


Anthropology | Archival Science | Art and Design | Arts and Humanities | Cataloging and Metadata | Collection Development and Management | Illustration | Library and Information Science | Social and Cultural Anthropology