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Lee Jones, Gordon Wilson, Finley Grise

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Department of History

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Master of Arts


The present educational status of Pulaski County has evolved through more than a century of slow progress. The causes back of the goals gained, whether they be natural consequences as in "the winning of the west," or the result of a brilliant stroke of genius on the part of some indomitable leadership, it is not the purpose of this study to determine.

The purpose may be stated thus:

(1) To preserve some rare materials in peril of passing into oblivion, such as primitive reports, given by the first trustees, pioneers of the primeval districts; the first notice issued by the commissioners to hold an election; a certificate nearly a century old, and some interesting material found in newspapers; and some verbal accounts.

(2) To list and give the date of every commissioner and superintendent who has served as the head of the educational system of the county.

(3) To make a record of the epistolary reports of the county superintendents of the different years, since they shed much light on the educational problems of their time.

Since the geography of a country has much to do with the economical and social life of a people, and since all are factors in an educational program, the geographical features of the county have been included.

An account of the historical background has seemed pertinent to an understanding of the peoples.

The Academy Lands have been the most obscure chapter of this work. So far no source material in the form of records is available on the Somerset Academy.

So far as known, there has been no written history of education in Pulaski County. The only things that approach it are some articles written by members of the D.A.R., by the Chautauqua Clubs, and by Enos Swain. A brief account of Pulaski County is given in Collins's History. Use has been made of some of this material. Clarice Payne Ramey has written a history of the county, but the writer has not had access to it.


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