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Robert Hoyt, Stuart Neff, Larry Gleason, Gary Dillard

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Department of Biology

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Master of Science


A total of 1665 larval caddisflies, representing four families and eight genera, was collected from seven stations in the Drake's Creek drainage from 1 November, 1982 through 15 October, 1983. The pattern of longitudinal distribution of the larvae, based on feeding relationships, in the West and Middle Forks of the system was consistent with studies by Wiggins and Mackay (1978), Andrews and Minshall (1979), and Ross and Wallace (1982) and the River Continuum Concept (Vannote et al. 1980). The Trammel Fork, a spring fed stream, showed a pattern of distribution contrary to the predictions of the Concept, suggesting that the continuous gradient of physical conditions upon which the Concept was based may not be present in streams where hypogean inflows constitute a major part of the water volume. One larva collected represented a new species record for Kentucky.

Light trap collections of adult caddisflies yielded 28 species representing eight families and 15 genera, suggesting an extremely diverse trichopteran fauna in the Drake's Creek drainage. In addition, the first reported species records for Trichoptera in Allen and Simpson Counties as well as 21 additional records for Warren County were established. Three of the species of adult Trichoptera reported represented new species records for Kentucky.


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