Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

James Martin, Ray Johnson, James Worthington

Degree Program

Department of Agriculture

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Master of Science


The purpose of this study was to evaluate three coverings for overwintering twelve varieties of container grown herbaceous perennials under Kentucky conditions. The twelve perennial varieties were started from seed in the spring and had been moved to one gallon containers by fall. In the first week of December, three blocks of containers were covered with one of the following: one layer of 4 mil, milky copolymer; one layer of quarter inch microfoam and one layer of milky copolymer; a sandwich of two layers of milky copolymer with 6 inches of wheat straw between them; the remaining block was left uncovered as a check.

The perennials were uncovered in the spring, observed, and evaluated. The single layer of copolymer and the microfoam and copolymer treatments had the most new growth. The growth under the copolymer and straw sandwich method was elongated and white. Only three containers in the uncovered treatment showed signs of regrowth.

The microfoam and copolymer and the single layer of milky copolymer proved to be the best coverings for the over - wintering container grown herbaceous perennials in Kentucky.


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