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Carl Martray, James Craig, Ernest Owens

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Department of Psychology

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Master of Arts


Two experiential-Gestalt oriented growth groups were conducted with the purpose of determining the effects such a group process has in increasing an individual's acceptance of himself and others. The sample included 26 students who had volunteered to participate in a growth group experience. Ten volunteers were assigned to a control group while the remaining 16 volunteers were evenly divided into two growth groups. Experiential groups met for two hours once a week for eight weeks. Focus of the groups was primarily on the moment to moment experiencing of individual participants and the interaction among them. In order to assess the hypothesized increases in group participants' levels of self-acceptance and acceptance of others the measure of Expressed Acceptance of Self and Expressed Acceptance of Others was used. Although significant differences were found over tire, there were no significant differences between the control and experimental groups in the degree in which their acceptance of self and others increased.


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Social Psychology