Doris Brenner

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Crawford Crowe, Lowell Harrison

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Department of History

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Master of Arts


The elements of contrast within the character of an individual and the heights of attainment in a lifetime of activities appear sometimes unexpectedly and serve to distinguish that person from the rest of mankind. Indeed, if personality, intelligence, physical attractiveness, and the love for political life were the only attributes of Kentucky Congressman Glover Cary, although they are unquestionably magnetic qualities, his life and works might deserve their repose from the critical observations of the historian. He, however, demonstrated an unusual concern for his constituents and a certain devotion to humanity, rare qualities if one applies the general connotative meaning to the word politician. This political biography is, therefore, concerned with the development of one man gifted for and enthralled with public life.

No attempt has been made to delve deeply into the personal life of the subject or to emphasize his highly successful private law practice. The author has, instead, attempted to stress Cary's role within the Democratic party, his contributions as a congressman, and the ways in which he reacted to and accepted the challenges of the times. Utilizing all available sources of information, the author regrets that research was hindered and that some facts will probably forever remain a mystery because most correspondence and personal papers of the Representative had been destroyed before the research was begun.


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