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Lee Jones, Finley Grise

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School of Teacher Education

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Master of Arts


The educational system of today is the outgrowth of many factors. There have been many influences which have brought about the spread of mass education and the development of the present-day curriculum.

One factor which has contributed a share to the development of our vast and complicated educational system has been the denominational school. The denominational schools were the first to be established in the land. Also, the churches have stressed the need of education and have financed the training of many of the youths of the country. Most of the 252 denominations within the United States have attempted, in some manner or fashion, to operate schools. The denominational schools have been the soil out of which the public school system has developed.

The Cumberland Presbyterian Church, although a small denomination, has been vitally interested in education, and has made a contribution in this field. It is the purpose of this thesis to show some of the contributions which the denomination has made in the field.

A brief historical sketch of the conditions out of which the church grew and the main causes for its organization have been reviewed. The attitudes and educational philosophies of the early church fathers have been presented in chapter two. Historical sketches of the outstanding schools which have been operated by the denominations are given in chapter three.


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