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Earl Moore, Lee Jones

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School of Teacher Education

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Master of Arts


Since the beginning of her teaching career, the writer has cherished the hope that the day would come when opportunity and freedom would be given whereby the classroom teacher might saturate her teaching, and that without fear, with those values that exalt and refine the life of each youth that she endeavors to guide. That day has dawned! During recent years seminars, workshops and conferences have been held and the Kentucky program for Moral and Spiritual Education has been recognized as providing a formula which is acceptable to public schools. It is true that spiritual values have always been taught but from many sources there has come the conviction that the confused and complex scenes about us today call for a rededication to those early values our forefathers of the New World cherished. The challenge is ours.

In accord with the foregoing statement it is therefore appropriate and timely that some phase of "Spiritual Values" should be selected as a topic for this particular study. It has been the author's endeavor to offer suggestions and to present fine practices whereby the program may be made more effective. Therefore, it is with pleasure that this paper is presented as a means of further guidance and emphasis on these very important aspects of our educational responsibility.


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