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Crawford Crowe, Lowell Harrison, Paul Ferrell

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Department of History

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Master of Arts


The purpose of this study is to present some of the history of the Baptist Church in Clinton County, Kentucky. A detailed study of the early church in the county also presents a picture of the county's social history as well because of the very close association between the individual and his church.

The scope of this study does not lend itself to presentation of the individual histories of all the Baptist churches in the county. It is, rather, the purpose of the author to cover the history of Baptists in the county by tracing the history of their two associations and then to discuss specifically two churches from each association as examples. The criterion for the selection of these churches (Clear Fork, Seventy-Six, Albany and Stony Point) was the date of founding of each of them. Clear Fork and Seventy-Six are the two oldest churches in the Stockton Valley Association and Albany and Stony Point Baptist churches are the oldest in the Freedom Association.


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