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Vernon Sheeley, Seth Farley, Delbert Hayden

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Department of Counseling and Student Affairs

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Education Specialist


Samples from two populations, community ministers and secular counselors, were surveyed to develop and analyze a description of the perceptions between and among these groups concerning their roles as counselors in the total community. Five questions were the focus of the research. The results of these questions may be summarized as follows: 1) both sample groups agreed that there seemed to be a need for additional ministerial counselors; 2) almost unanimously, the secular counselors indicated that they would welcome a more active ministerial counseling involvement within the total community setting, although a considerable portion (41%) of the ministers expressed doubts about the attitude of secular counselors; 3) ministers perceived an unsatisfactory level of intergroup communication, while secular counselors did not; 4) both ministers and secular counselors perceived a satisfactory level of cooperation between each other; and 5) neither group had a high regard for the counseling effectiveness of the other.


Arts and Humanities | Counseling | Counselor Education | Practical Theology | Psychology | Religion | Social and Behavioral Sciences