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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Carol Hughes, Thad Crews, Edward Hanes, Eugene Harryman

Degree Program

Department of Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport

Degree Type

Master of Arts


Designed to compare the effectiveness of two beginning tennis teaching methods and two teaching techniques, this study used ninety-seven male and female students enrolled in four beginning tennis classes as subjects.

After pretests, the Dyer Wallboard and the Broer-Miller Forehand-Backhand Drive Tests, each class was instructed in one of the two designated methods and by one of the two techniques. Thirteen 45-minute sessions of instruction were followed by posttesting.

A two-way analysis of covariance, using the pretests as the covariate, was computed with the data provided by the two dependent variables.

Results of the statistical analysis of the data revealed significant (P<.05) differences of effectiveness in that the volley method was more effective than the groundstroke method, based on the Dyer test analysis, and the task technique was more effective than the command technique, based on the Broer-Miller test analysis.


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