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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Bert Smith, Lee Jones, Gordon Wilson, Finley Grise

Degree Program

School of Teacher Education

Degree Type

Master of Arts


The problem arising from the study of the student worker may be considered under the following divisions:

1. To recognize the attempts that have been made to provide an educational program agreeable to both church and college.

2. To make a study of the student worker, considering his qualifications, his duties, his age, and his salary; to discover the number of student workers placed on Southern state college campuses by the Baptist, Episcopalian, Methodist and Presbyterian denominations; and to list as accurately as possible these student workers, indicating whether they are full-time or part-time workers, stating the college or university in which they work and giving the denomination which employs them.

3. To state the conclusion and outlooks resulting from the study of the student worker.


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