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Lee Jones, N.O. Taff

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School of Teacher Education

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Master of Arts


Even though very good courses have been worked out for the numerous colleges of the state of Kentucky, there still remains a problem unanswered by the teacher-training institutions of the State. This problem is: What shall the prospective teacher be prepared to teach? and the question for the prospective teacher is: In what fields shall I prepare to teach?

In order that the objective of this study - the ability to give more intelligent guidance from the standpoint of the teacher-training institutions and the ability to make the proper selection of subjects from the standpoint of the prospective teacher - may be attained, the problem becomes one of determining (1) how many subjects a high-school teacher in Kentucky should be prepared to teach and (2) the most desirable combinations of subjects. To answer these questions intelligently, we must know not only the number of subjects taught but the combinations that are taught in the high schools of Kentucky.


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