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Gordon Wilson, Lee Jones, Finley Grise

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Department of English

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Master of Arts


American war poetry did swell to greater volume, but much has been written already about this poetry and much more will be written before it has passed the test of time and found its proper rank in the literature of the ages. Numerous collections and classifications have been made, but, strange to say, very little attention has been paid to the poets themselves. We have brief sketches or scattered magazine articles on the lives of some of the war poets, but it seems that the most interesting phase of work has been neglected, that of making a detailed study of the environmental factors (particularly the war experience) in the lives of the various poets and the influence of their environment on the poetry.

It is in this connection that I have attempted to discuss two of America's most outstanding war poets, Alan Seeger and Joyce Kilmer. I have chosen these two because they succeeded best in making a name for themselves among the immortals. They have made a particularly interesting study because they are so much alike and yet so different.


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