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William Nolan, James Babcock, Gene Harryman

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School of Teacher Education

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Education Specialist


The purpose of this study was not simply to construct a unit but to provide an approach to teaching language by combining language and culture in appropriate for advanced high school students French.

For the purposes of this study seven affective values were chosen as representing the most suitable basic listings: (1) l'individualisme; (2) l'intellectualite; (3) le realisme; (4) la famine; (5) la religion; (6) is justice: and (7) la Patrie. armed with the seven values i-or the author of this project, and the grammatical skill, the next step was the actual composition of the historiettes. It became quickly apparent that each value had nuances of the otner six. L'individualisme began to surface as a predominate theme and produced two historiettes. Le Realisme et La Famille also yielded two historiettes because of its relevancy to teen—agers. Finally, two other pieces were composed, entitled: L'Intellectualite et La Religion and La Justice et La Patrie.

Questions were composed based upon each piece. The questionnaire would require the student to analyze and to evaluate the readings in terms of a Frenchperson. In order to ensure comprehension of the readings, a lexique was composed; grammatical areas were represented in the exercises de grammaire.

Last of all, a posttest was constructed using the same questionnaire arproach. This instrument would be summative, that is, not necessarily testing the whole range of the readings, but the student's general analysis of the historiettes in toto.


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